Introducing: Ms Abby Kay ~ A woman in transition

When you have to be everything, something may slip from your grasp. You become what the old people call, A Jack of All Trades (Master of None). Well I’m here trying to defy the odds. I’m based in Trinidad and Tobago (that’s in the Caribbean for those of you who don’t know). I love life, I love my life. It’s filled with struggles but it is also blessed. I consider it my responsibility to speak up on important issues and I am very opinionated.

Ms Abby Kay is the successful alter ego I created for myself since I was about 5 years old. When I played ‘shop’ or ‘school’ or anything really, I was always Ms Abby Kay. Ms Abby Kay is the side of me that WILL be successful, the business woman, the academic, the mother, the lover, the daughter, the sister, the friend. She epitomizes the many facets associated with the ideal woman. She is the me that I strive to be. All the parts of me that I love and all the parts of me that I am correcting, she is my guiding light. The voice of this blog is the voice of the transition of a girl becoming a woman, of a woman becoming a better woman. This blog is Ms Abby Kay coming to the fore, blooming and weathering the storm.

Why Blog Publicly and not keep a Private Journal?

Sometimes you need to shout from the rooftop. Not because you need people to hear what you’re saying but because you just really need to shout. Sometimes however you do need people to hear what you are saying. Either way, writing this blog is my metaphorical shout from the roof top, plus blogging is more socially acceptably and Ms Abby Kay is a lady.

What topics will I write about?

On being AWESOME!!! Life, Theater, Etiquette,  Love, Work, Inspirations, Sport, Politics. Anything and Everything.

Who would I like to connect with?

Anyone trying to reach a goal, trying to defy the odds. Anyone who enjoys life, who wants to maximize their days and improve the quality of their life.

Within the year what would I like to accomplish by this blog?

To see some personal growth, to have been able to help others achieve personal growth or to just open the eyes of anyone reading to the many different facets of life that they may be missing out on.

Why read what I blog about?

Because I may need you, the reader, along my journey to becoming a greater, better more successful person. Because you may need me, so you don’t feel alone in your everyday struggle. Because it may have important information for you to read or share. Because you just may find it enjoyable.

So I’m open to meeting hearing from the readers and if you want an opinion on something or have an opinion you want to share, just comment. It will be read.

Until next time.

Chin up; Chest out; BE AWESOME


Ms Abby Kay

8 thoughts on “Introducing: Ms Abby Kay ~ A woman in transition

  1. Yay Abby Kay!!! Please write often because I have no life and everyone else’s own seems really entertaining


    1. Thanks for reading, I hope I can prove entertaining enough. If you need to shake up your life why not try joining a new group? Could be anything something you’re interested in or something you know nothing about. It all adds to the spice of life.


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