My heart quickens, my skin tingles as anticipation shortens my breath pushing my chest out so the feel of lace against my skin hardens my nipples. All it took was a look. Your look. Intense. Piercing. It holds me captive. You move closer, holding my eyes, and I burn from yearning. Then you smile, andContinue reading “Glorious”

Journey to the 1% – Defying Mediocrity

A¬†daily prompt inspired what will now be my weekly feature “Journey to the 1%”. This feature will be posted every Saturday¬†and will focus on getting to the 1% status in life. The 1% are the world’s richest and elitist. The real A-listers. Now my aim is not to get there for riches or fame, butContinue reading “Journey to the 1% – Defying Mediocrity”

Breathe, Stretch, Shake …..LET IT GO!!

At work on a saturday……………..inhale, exhale Feeling lonely / horny and ex having a time……….pump up song tunes One week into the month and money done………yoga time Sprained ankle, have to hop to get into the car to get home………..hop to a beat Kids being pests………..ship them off to grandma’s The sun is still shining,Continue reading “Breathe, Stretch, Shake …..LET IT GO!!”