I’ve Written a Book and it’s gotten great reviews so far

We all know 2020 has been a trying year. It truly tested us. It tested our governments, our service providers, our health care system. It tested our financial and mental wellbeing. Well I’m happy to report that I think I passed the test that was 2020. I came out of it, have eaten every day and employed, and to add some icing to the cake, … Continue reading I’ve Written a Book and it’s gotten great reviews so far

Love Notes

I’m in danger of losing myself in you but it’s the safest feeling that I’ve ever known. All emotions are heightened when you’re near. Yet the world is the calmest than I’ve ever felt. It feels like a whirlwind that happened over centuries. The feeling just came and swept me away yet my soul has known you for a hundred years. One day we’re just … Continue reading Love Notes

Journey to the 1% – Motivation Lacking!!

We’re on our journey to the 1%, it is our quest to be among the world’s most wealthiest. Stop. Scratch that. Is being among the world’s wealthiest really important?? Can’t I just get married, have babies and hope to be able to afford food and a¬†great¬†quality of life? Shouldn’t I just strive to be HAPPY??? When the going gets tough, I start to think like … Continue reading Journey to the 1% – Motivation Lacking!!

Breathe, Stretch, Shake …..LET IT GO!!

At work on a saturday……………..inhale, exhale Feeling lonely / horny and ex having a time……….pump up song tunes One week into the month and money done………yoga time Sprained ankle, have to hop to get into the car to get home………..hop to a beat Kids being pests………..ship them off to grandma’s The sun is still shining, and you are still living so there is still time … Continue reading Breathe, Stretch, Shake …..LET IT GO!!