Love Direction

To spare your love from misdirection And to cease your hopeless benediction, Think. Be strong. Of mind and heart And let not your love from reason depart. Be more sapient than your eyes See that which, beyond the horizon, lies. Look, Enjoy, Feel the splendor, but take caution With your devotion For that which promises much abundance Will take from you without reluctance See clearly … Continue reading Love Direction

This could be why you aren’t married

So you are single and feeling sorry for yourself. You think you’re a catch, so why haven’t you found a partner to share your life with yet? This simple statistic could be the reason: 1 in 3 marriages started online. Yes! You read that correctly. 1 in 3!! One third of all marriages! Started online! And I bet you thought online dating was for those … Continue reading This could be why you aren’t married