Time to Write

Time to write

Well yuh know what that means, right?

Writer’s block

Tick tock clock

Time to write

Feel like I blight

Ah try to focus

But like d devil wok he hocus pocus

Ah start to write

Alright alright

Scribble scribble scribble

Babble babble babble

Ah had to stop write

This cyah be right

What is this gibberish?

This cyah be English

I give up this plight

No will to fight

Not tonight, not tonight

Not d time to write

Love Direction

To spare your love from misdirection

And to cease your hopeless benediction,


Be strong.

Of mind and heart

And let not your love from reason depart.

Be more sapient than your eyes

See that which, beyond the horizon, lies.



Feel the splendor, but take caution

With your devotion

For that which promises much abundance

Will take from you without reluctance

See clearly your life’s direction

And offer all diversions sound rejection.

This could be why you aren’t married

So you are single and feeling sorry for yourself. You think you’re a catch, so why haven’t you found a partner to share your life with yet?

This simple statistic could be the reason:

1 in 3 marriages started online.

Yes! You read that correctly. 1 in 3!! One third of all marriages! Started online!

And I bet you thought online dating was for those who couldn’t get a date in real life. Joke’s on you, because technology has shifted the paradigm. Online is real life. With 96% of everyone under 30 being on at least 1 social media platform and the 55-65 age group being the fastest growing demographic on facebook …… where else can you have access to that many people?

And here I am shying away from online dating, still single. I guess it’s time we single gals get out there….take a cute picture, post on social media and rack up those likes.

If you never post pictures of yourself online you may be making it harder for you to find your future mate. And please make the pictures you post flattering photos. A photo that properly captures a bit of your essence. Are you sporty, like outdoors, an animal person? Let your online presence reflect that, you don’t have to post a new picture often but have a few flattering pictures of yourself doing something you enjoy.

Of course this advice is for if you wish to get married or at least get into a relationship. This is not the only way but with a statistic like 1 in 3 marriages starting online, if you want to get married and find yourself in a dating rut, it might not hurt to entertain a conversation or two online. Or you can slide the the DMs of that person you’ve been crushing on. Just remember to stay respectful and back off if they ask you.

If you’re looking for a relationship but haven’t been using social media and the internet, it’s time you get with the times!

Time to take a selfie!