I can’t breatheMy life has no valueIt’s only worthwhile to meAnd to my familyAnd my friendsAnd my communityBut not to youNot to this country I can’t breatheCan’t you seeSocietal inequityLeaves you unaccountableTo injustices perpetrated against meI don’t fight backI only beg to be free I can’t breatheMy stomach hurtsMy neck hurtsEverything hurtsI can’t breathe

Good Luck Charlene

She must be the femaleGood Luck Charlie‘Cause every man she fuckedWas soon ready to get married. Just not to her.Her heart’s too pureShe don’t cause a sceneOr blow up when she’s angry. She won’t search your phoneOr pelt your home with stone.She just wants your timeYour love, your humanity. She just wants to love andContinue reading “Good Luck Charlene”