18 things to do for 2018

So many make resolutions that they never keep but this list will probably help with some of those standard resolutions but add fun to the year and leave you with memories.

Allow me to Re-introduce Myself

So you think you know me? Think I’m the same girl you knew last year? Please….. I’m not even the same girl I was yesterday. Every day I evolve. Every single day. And no, I am not a schizophrenic. I’ve known someone with schizophrenia, it’s no joke. I evolve every day because I learn everyContinue reading “Allow me to Re-introduce Myself”

The Struggle is real, but Success is near!

Bills getting to be too much? Food prices stretching your budget? Feeling overwhelmed at work? Do you sometimes start to doubt if you are really as competent as you always believed you were? Your love life in a rut? Don’t have the wardrobe you just know you should have? Does ¬†your back and shoulders acheContinue reading “The Struggle is real, but Success is near!”

Does Making New Year’s Resolutions Make Sense??

Now it’s that time of yea again: New Year’s Resolutions time. Time to reflect on the past year and set goals and targets for the year ahead. Let’s be real, anyone actually kept all their resolution? Anyone usually even cares much about them after January has passed? Well I do care about them. Why? BecauseContinue reading “Does Making New Year’s Resolutions Make Sense??”