How passionate are you ?

I started reading a book called fight for your dream. In the book you are encouraged to discover yourself and your passion. Now while this activity isn’t new to me, I decided to try and actually answer each question. With each question and the introspection required to answer it, I find myself consumed with emotion. Emotions because I want it so bad because I think … Continue reading How passionate are you ?

Allow me to Re-introduce Myself

So you think you know me? Think I’m the same girl you knew last year? Please….. I’m not even the same girl I was yesterday. Every day I evolve. Every single day. And no, I am not a schizophrenic. I’ve known someone with schizophrenia, it’s no joke. I evolve every day because I learn every day. I learn more about myself, about life, about my … Continue reading Allow me to Re-introduce Myself


Left again Stranded again Abandoned again Unloved again Used again Feeling stupid again Tired of wasting time and money again Only to be left alone again Don’t want to be angry again Or bitter again Don’t want a void where emotions were again Don’t want to feel empty again So now, strong in my weakness, I stand again Shoulders back, Chin up, Chest out, AWESOME … Continue reading Again