You want to take the knee

We don’t do that here

We’re all human here

We don’t play into stereotypes ‘round here

We don’t hold you to stereotypes ‘round here





You only speak when spoken to

Or keep your mouth shut

Oh wait,

Did I treat you like you treated us


I’m sorry

We shouldn’t do that here

Yet your 17 year old son just gunned my brothers down

While your tribe’s justice stood by looking around

Oh shit my bad

You don’t acknowledge that here

Well Mr gun happy

We in pain over here

We are all one people

Well we sure thought so

Under God

Wait, who’s God?

Your God must be selective

We don’t feel your God’s love

God the father

God the son

God the Holy Spirit

…. Spirit?


Let me call on the Orishas,

Lord Krishna,


Protect us

We try to play the rules of the system you created

We play to win but




Forbade it!

Don’t say you didn’t

When you can’t say our names




Add Floyd and Blake

That only starts our appeal

But all you can say is

All Lives Matter

Your people

My people

We live together out here

So why you out to try and kill us out here

If we should take vengeance

Ha, we don’t do that here

You ‘justice’ and your ‘troubled’ gun us down out here

Guns, So primitive

We on the run out here


You kill us while sleeping too

Sad to say

No one can change the system but you

Bess believe

We’ll keep the pressure up till you do

Until we know peace

There’ll be no peace

Death before bondage


That aint funny

You either kill us or arrest us

Appropriate but still oppress us

There’ll be no more dancing for massa out here

Out rhythms are our own we freely share them with the world

The world cries

It’s we                                                                                   

We all take a stand

Kapernick took a knee

The King had a dream



Set us free

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