I’ve Written a Book and it’s gotten great reviews so far

We all know 2020 has been a trying year. It truly tested us. It tested our governments, our service providers, our health care system. It tested our financial and mental wellbeing.

Well I’m happy to report that I think I passed the test that was 2020. I came out of it, have eaten every day and employed, and to add some icing to the cake, I completed writing a poetry book Of Life and Love.

So naturally, as 2020 tested us, I tested my work by asking for feedback and a review from some fellow poets. I’ve recieved the feedback from two of them to date and am so pleasantly surprised by the review that I had to share one with you all today.

This review was given by Mrs Kassie J Runyan, poet, author, and cofounder of the Open Door Poetry Magazine.

She wrote:

“This is such a powerful anthology of emotion spilled out onto the page in the form of poetry. Pass through a journey of the range of human emotions with the good, the bad, and everything in between. Feel your pulse quicken with lust and cry with heartache. This collection is not one to read in one sitting, but to have next to you at all times, waiting to accompany you through life and be the pages that you turn to when you are needing to know you are not alone in your thoughts or to drive emotion and a feeling within your soul.”

Now when you get a review like that, it truly warms your heart as a writer because that is exactly what you would want your work to do, evoke emotion.

You can follow Kassie by visiting her website KassieJRunyan.com

She authored one of 2020’s best travel poetry books called, Their Footsteps which is available for purchase on her website as well as Amazon.

And for you poetry buffs and aspiring poets, Open Door Poetry Magazine accepts submissions for their monthly publications so be sure to submit or simply subscribe to be inspired by the wonderful poets being featured.

I know you’re itching to get your hands on your own copy of my new book Of Life and Love so you can go ahead and pre-order the ebook but you’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the paperback version, as we launch in March 2021.

Stay tuned for updates on when presales will go into effect. In the mean time remember to subscribe, and follow me on social media, @msabbykay on instagram, Kiona Assing on youtube, @Ki_A on twitter and Kiona Assing – Ms Abby Kay on facebook.

Chin Up

Chest Out

Stay Awesome

~Ms Abby Kay~

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