The battle of the sexes (Adult content)

I knew he was wrapping up his workout. I stood by the doorway and just looked, took it all in. He was usually very handsome but right now he was glistening, sweat dripping off his forehead, a look of intense concentration on his face as he did his last pull-up. It distorted his face a bit so that he didn’t look handsome, he looked….aggressive, strong, manly. Yes, that’s it, he looked manly, like every man should be able to look. His strength is incredible, all his muscles huge but not disproportionately so, he was a big guy after all. 6’3 all muscle, scruffy but low beard, skin, as smooth as silk, that was dark rich chocolate. Damn, he looked good. Better than good. He looked tempting, dangerous, sexy. Between my thighs moistened. I watched him lower himself and take the weights from around his stomach as he sat down to rest. I could smell the sweat filling the air of our at-home gym with pure unadulterated testosterone. My nipples grew taut, my pulse quickened. I struggled to control the emotion on my face as I asked: “You finished?”

He looked up, not at all surprised that I was there. “Yeah, I’m done for today.”

“You want something to eat or just shower and sleep?” I keep my voice and face even-tempered so he doesn’t see my flaming desire.

“What you planning to cook?”

I smile. I love that he likes my food but I wasn’t thinking of cooking when I asked if he wanted something to eat.

“I haven’t decided yet so anything you want.”

I must have made a misstep because his eyes fly to mine. He knows what I want him to say, he knows I’m no longer angry about the silly argument we had earlier. He knows I don’t even remember what it was about. I see the gleam in his eyes….dammit now he going to tease me till I beg him for it.

“Anything you want to serve you know I’ll eat, but I think I’ll just drink a shake and shower then sleep.”

I see the twinkle in his eye, I know he’s playing with me. But the man is so insufferable he will go and sleep just to spite me. Thinks I’ll apologise and beg.

I scoff and turn to go make his shake.

As predicted, the monster that he is, he does exactly what he said he would do. He had the shake, showered and went to bed. But just to prove he’s a tortuous bastard he does this while finding every excuse to brush lightly against me.

He lightly traced his finger on my hand as I handed him his drink. Brushed past me on his way to the shower so I could smell him, he knows I love to smell his fresh sweat. Showered with the door open so I could see his silhouette and the erection he had. Came out the shower and reached over me for his t-shirt so I could feel the full length of him. And the ass that he was, pretended these were all accidents.

I looked over to him lying next to me, pretending to sleep. Fine. You want to play that, I’m going to sleep too. Two can play that game.

I punch the pillow in frustration and noisily settle in the bed. Except I couldn’t settle. The bastard knew I was horny as fuck, I’m ovulating dammit and he knows my cycle better than me. He knows I couldn’t last longer than the 2 days that have already passed. And I knew he wanted it, but he wanted me to come to him. Sigh!

I turn to the side and stick my butt at his back. He didn’t bite. I turned on my stomach and let my hand touch his. He shifted….. bingo I knew he was awake. His head turned to me even though he pretended to be sleeping. The stupid bastard wasn’t going to get me to break this little standoff we’ve been having. So I brought out the big guns.

I turned on my back and started to touch myself. Ran my hands up and down my body, rubbed my legs together. By the time I brought my hand to my centre and let out a soft moan of release, he was staring at me now. But not in the way I’d hoped. He wasn’t turned on, he was…..angry? No that can’t be right. But still, he got up and went outside, slamming the door on his way.

Damn, this was not good. He never slept outside. It was our one rule. No matter what we sleep together on the same bed.


I stalked out behind him. I fucked up

“I’m sorry.”

He rose from the couch looking as intimidating as he could.

“Don’t play that shit with me. You want to do that do it when I’m not around. Go back in and finish and let me know when I can come back to bed. I need to sleep.”

All this he said with an imposing stance towering over me.

But I wasn’t afraid. He would never hurt me. That was the sexiest thing about him. All that strength and power would never be used against me, that was only to protect me. Nothing made me remember how much I loved him than knowing that….seeing that. That in all his anger…I was safe.

I walked right into him. Pressing my body into him.

“I wanted you to take over. I’m sorry, I should have just asked.”

The anger fled from his eyes, replaced by something equally intense…passion. So I went in to ignite it. I kissed him gently on his neck.

“Forgive me?” Another kiss and a light bite on his skin.


I looked him in the eye.

Just as I was about to slink away defeated, he grabbed me and crushed his mouth to mine. And I knew, tonight…..he had won.

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