Two Life Lessons You Don’t Have to Regret Not Knowing Sooner

Two lessons that I’ve learnt before were reinforced tonight.

Always show up!


Life is not a spectator sport

Let me tell you the story:

Tonight was the annual concert held by the Centre for Language Learning at the University of the West Indies.
The point of the concert is simply to have a fun creative way to encompass all you’ve learnt about not just thw language but also the culture.

Now I am part of the Spanish Level 2B class. When we were asked, I was actually the first person to volunteer to perform for the show for our class. The teacher said the performance would be a dance. Double yay, I love dance. 2 other members from the class agreed.

Now for context this was about 2 weeks prior to the show. We only heard about it, we had to think up which song and prepare a dance. No small feat, but I was up to the task. Fast forward through a number of events, turns out noone would be able to do the dance with me, and as I was already pressed for time with work, I told the profesor that we would not be performing again.

But. In the spirit of everything I still showed up to support the other classes who took time to prepare something to show.

So, I’m here excited to see the show, when the MC asks for 3 volunteers…my hand shoots up, cause you know volunteers usually get a lil token. A lil token? Ha!

I got a whole hamper! Just for being willing to participate, just for being the first to volunteer. I was also made to judge the performances which wasn’t really my idea of a good time but it was still such an honor and great experience.

So wait, what does this have to do with the two life lessons?

Well first as I was watching the performances I realised that even our unprepared performance would have been appreciated if done with enthusiasm.


And secondly, had I not decided to take an active role and actually participate in the event, I wouldn’t have won the great hamper. Just like in life, those who participate don’t just have the great stories to tell, they are often rewarded. Sometimes just for showing up. Spectators don’t really always get that, Participators do.

Life is Not A Spectator Sport

My Trinis, allyuh know d saying ‘Gopaul luck isn’t Seepaul own’

The doers often are rewarded much more that the spectators. Gopaul may win the prize or be forgiven a tresspass whereas Seepaul most likely would not.

So remember those two simple rules for life, when there’s something that truly interests you.

Ok, it’s late and I’m falling alseep on myself.

Chin up

Chest out



Ms Abby Kay

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