You say you love my smile

You say you love my smile, are enraptured with it and you aren’t sure why. Well maybe you see or feel the loneliness it masks or feel the pull of the desire to be loved, held, taken care of. Maybe your soul recognises another soul in distress and wants to help, reach out, connect.

Maybe the karmic energies of the world are so greatly entwined that my grief attracts all grief, even that which was so small and well hidden in you.

You say that you’re interested in me but don’t know in what way, you just can’t help but look at me and want to be close. Maybe we’re designed so that hurt attracts hurt, loneliness attracts loneliness. Maybe you’re interested because of some ancient male genome, designed to protect, honed in on my concealed distress signal. Maybe you’re interested when I smile because you can feel that the light that is there, bright as it may be, is heavily shadowed by clouds of despair.

Or maybe my smile enraptured you because it’s the smile of somebody who knows love, has felt it, lost it but remembers it and is searching for it in everyone but knows she will never find it like she lost it but is dying inside to find it and live it again.

Maybe it’s the smile of someone dying to live again and begging every soul it meets to live with it, and maybe your soul wants to live like my soulful smile promises….with love and freedom.

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