Why am I Happy?

I have a big house, a great paying job and a european made car. I am married to a wonderful loving faithful husband and we have beautiful, well behaved children.

Actually none of that is true. I don’t own my own home and where I rent is actually a humble 3 bedroom that I share with my parents in a shared yard. My job pays adequate for the level but is by no means a baller type salary. I have no car, no husband and no children.

So what the hell you happy about?

Well I would LOVE to have all those things mentioned but none of that would define my happiness. If it did I would be in a constant state of depression.

I’m happy to be alive!

😒 really?

Yes really!

Being alive just holds a host of possibilities. I’m happy to have the all those possibilities available to me. I’m happy to be able to make plans and break plans; to see things come together and to build them back when they fall apart.

I’m happy for all the different types of people I’ve met and will meet. The cute ones, the ugly ones, the annoying ones, the fun ones, the ones who love themselves to the moon and back and the insecure ones. The ones who’ve touched my heart and the ones who’ve broken it. The family that are also friends and the friends who are more like family.

What makes me happy is the ability to feel gratitude for the small things and even for the upsetting things, because everything can teach you a lesson and out of every situation comes a new possibility. Every situation, even the bad ones, gives you a new perspective and an opportunity to do something new or something different.

And though I may not be happy all day every day I am usually happy every day. So if you aren’t happy right now try to see if changing your perspective helps or talk to a professional or talk to a friend. Sometimes I feel so alone, and it comes and goes but I try to make sure that feeling never stays.

This was written from a prompt given by a friend.

Chin up,

Chest out,



~Ms Abby Kay~

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