My heart quickens, my skin tingles as anticipation shortens my breath pushing my chest out so the feel of lace against my skin hardens my nipples. All it took was a look. Your look. Intense. Piercing. It holds me captive. You move closer, holding my eyes, and I burn from yearning. Then you smile, and oh that smile, full of mischief, hinting at a joke known only by you but I can feel it too. It makes me smile. My body relaxes and I let out a the breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

Your hand reaches out, touches my fingers. A light touch. You held my hand and captured my soul. Your eyes never leave mine. Your thumb traces soft circles on the back of my hand and then caresses upward along my arm. Every hair on my body stands on edge by the time you hand comes to rest on my shoulder. You stroke my throat, the smile is gone but the passion in your eyes remain. I’m breathless. You lean in and nothing else in the world exists.

My head tilts up, your forehead touches mine and rests there briefly. My eyes close. The electricity between us sparks to a full flame as you close the gap and bring your lips to mine. I feel the warmth, the moisture. I taste mint on your breath. My soul becomes joined with yours. When we move apart everything is different. I’ve never felt anything like this. That kiss. Glorious.

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