Trying to make it

When you grow up financially challenged, seen so your parents struggle to keep it all together. Struggle to keep you fed, struggle to pay the bills, struggle to pay the rent.

When you know their dream is to own their own home and felt it so strongly it became your dream too. 
When you grow up and you start facing the same struggles but you’re convinced that you can do better.

So you study hard, mainly because your parents worked their asses off so that you could. You get a good job, you try to save.

But at every turn, every single time you start to feel like you’re up….. Something just has to come around and knock you back down.

Every time!  And it happens to almost everyone you know well. Yet there are so many others who just seem to be getting through just a little bit better than you. Hell who am I kidding, they are getting through a hell of a lot better than you.

You feel a heaviness, a burden on your shoulders….. All the damn time. Or so it seems.

You’re ready to give up. Seems like the world has turn it’s back on us.

Well SCREW YOU, WORLD!!  Challenges gonna have to turn around and look you in your face soon enough. Because you will NEVER give up! 

That feeling, that defeated feeling….. It’s just for now because the shit is getting hard again and the challenges are piling up.

But you had so many moments when you felt blessed beyond comprehension….. Blessed because you had family who would never see you sick or hungry or even lonely. Blessed because your friends never let you stay down for long and because they sometimes believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Blessed because you can help out your family even when you are struggling yourself. And even though you wish you could do more, be more, have more….. As long as you remember that you are blessed to be surrounded by love and have a plate of food and some kind of shelter…… Everything else gonna fall into place.

You just gotta keep working towards it without forgetting all your blessings.

Count your blessings
Be someone’s blessing
Receive more blessings

Make that a cycle and you gonna make it…… This too shall pass!

Ms Abby Kay

Shoulders back,
Chin up,
Chest out,

2 thoughts on “Trying to make it

  1. A few weeks ago…. i felt this exact way….i cried my eyes out. prayed, pleaded to my creator; then cried some more…. Finally fell asleep like 4am…and got up at 7:30 and continued the fight!!!! This too shall pass!
    Thanks for sharing…

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  2. Walking with the expectation of success in an effort unsuccessfully atmosphere ,put the mind at work ,so the eyes can see the path that is required so the feet can move into that place ,which is most times hidden in plain sight and sometimes within .

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