Top of the Food chain; Life with no Natural Predators

We’ve all seen some animal documentary or the other about lions or tigers or bears (oh my). And we all know the hunter and the hunted in the wild. And we all know that HUMANS have no Natural Predators.

So why the France are we so afraid of everything??

Let me tell you the story of my epiphany.

One day, walking out the road to get a taxi (I am a trini I don’t tell a story in standard English, deal with it)……

One day, walking out the road to get a taxi, one of those pests of birds…. d black birds, attacks me.
I mean screeching and swoop down at me. So naturally I duck, look at it, lil confused cause I was caught off guard, but I continue walking…. Nothing else to do after all.

You know d damn bird attacks me again? Steups.

Ok so I survived and made it to work. Whew, crisis averted.

Wait, what d rass this have to do with anything?…..

Hold strain, ah coming to dat.

The next day, I have to go to work again but I don’t want to get attack. What to do boi?…..

Now I walking out frighten frighten cause I have to go to work. About the approach the stretch where it all happened, the scene of the crime.

Just then, a neighbour pulls up and gives me a lift.

YES !!!  Crisis averted.

This luck happened for like 3 days. If not a neighbour then a taxi passed before I made it to the spot.

A Saturday now, I’m heading to a seminar and walking out….. No taxis, no neighbours…… Fright enveloped me…… Nearing the stretch I panic, freeze and turn back home.

Yes, fear of a damn black bird made me turn back.

Now I really wanted to go to that seminar.

Aha! Just my luck, another person was walking out…. So I begin walking back out too.

Rationale: if I get attacked this guy could protect me or scare away the birds (even though he has no idea what I was signing him up for). 

Girl, you serious?

Yes, yes I was.

Now after, I was so ashamed, I resolved to walk out the next day despite my fear….. Because let’s be honest even I knew it was irrational.

So the next day, when I approached the stretch I remembered something…… Birds don’t hunt humans.

In fact we hunt birds.

I, we, humans, were intelligently designed to be to run shit, not cower in fear.

So I start a mantra: No Natural Predators,  No Natural Predators

Mind you I got a taxi before I got back to that spot yet again….. Just my luck right…. That was awesome but I didn’t get to test my mantra.

Again this good luck continued for a couple days. But the more I said the mantra (every time I got close to the scene of the crime) it made me think about just what I was saying.

No Natural Predators.

I have nothing to fear really. And I realised that this went beyond black birds and lizards (I really don’t like lizards) but it extends to all facets of life.

At work or in your career just do your thing (i. e. Your best). What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t be the best…. Or you make a mistake?

If you’re gonna make a mistake, make it a BIG one.

In your relationships, family, friend or lover….. Give your all and express yourself how you feel to, the worst is that they will walk away and either you will want to adjust or you won’t. And trust that whatever happens you’ll eventually be happier and free-er because of it.

Love hard and freely, express yourself and your emotions, work hard at what you love, do your best, ask what needs to be asked do what needs to be done….. Life free from fear. Free from fear of ridicule, free from fear of hurt or rejection, free from fear of failure.

We are of an intelligent design. Designed to rise above all challenges and all obstacles.

Remember : You have No Natural Predators ; You are at the Top of the Food chain.

You are greater than a Lion, don’t fear a lamb. Nothing can defeat you if you believe enough in yourself to fight for what you want.

If you know me, you know I believe I’m on my way to awesome and you know I have no doubt I’ll get there. So I will not let doubts in anything else get in my way or hold me back. And yes I have doubts in almost everything, almost every day. But I will continue to work in spite of the doubt and fear and I urge you to do the same.

Keep pressing forward and make a liar out of the fear.

Let’s all be awesome!!

Hit me up with your thoughts and comments or inspiration of your own. I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime :

Chin Up
Chest Out
Shoulders Back

Ms Abby Kay.

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