Pain – A Necessary Evil

So Sunday, I went to a sports day.  Things were going great. Then one of my team mates got injured.

He was crying from the pain and had to be taken to the hospital. It was hard to watch and hear. Him begging me to help him get something to ease the pain and discomfort.

But I couldn’t, the doctor needed him to feel the pain so he could help them identify the true source of the problem.

That’s when it hit me, every pain we go through we must go through in order for us to identify the source of what is unhealthy for us.

Not God, not our family and not our friends,  if they truly cared about us, would give us anything to get rid of the pain without first understanding the cause of it. And if someone claims to care about yet offers a painkiller without trying to find out what causes the pain, watch them slight and get far away.

Sometimes pain is so bad that you just want it to end but before trying to get rid of the pain use it to find out the cause. If you treat the symptoms without treating the cause, the symptoms will either keep coming back or something worse will follow.

So in the midst of your pain, remember to treat the cause not just the symptoms.

Chin up, Chest out, Shoulders back!
Ms Abby Kay

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