I Love You Max


Just found out my dog died yesterday. I cried. I loved Max, he was like my child, he was a great friend. I had to give him up because I had to move and couldn’t afford a home with a yard for him. But I loved him. I cried when I gave him up too. Cried for weeks. And cried ever so often thinking about him. Not knowing if he was happy. I knew he was well fed, had other dogs to play with. But I cried when I learnt that he and the other dogs were fighting. I visited him, often at first then I stopped visiting because I cried after every visit. I resented my parents a little because we couldn’t keep him. Then I visited him with my mother for mother’s day. His head was as big as mine. I didn’t get the excitement from him that I used to, but then again it had been months so I didn’t expect to. I did expect him to be angry with me though for not visiting in so long. But I got a most welcoming greeting, he stuck by my side and I stuck by his. He  occasionally went to his new owner. And while we didn’t play much, I stayed near him and if I left the room, he followed me. The love was still there.

When I heard he died, I cried because I failed him. I was supposed to take care of him. Instead, I gave him up and neglected to visit him. I loved him till the end and I’m not sure he knew it.

I Love You Max



Published by Ms Abby Kay

Ms Abby Kay is the ultimate female persona. She is worldly, informed, smart, classy yet down to earth, opinionated and provocative. She isn't afraid to push the boundaries with controversial topics or opinions. Yet still she's as real as can be.

One thought on “I Love You Max

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it sounds like the situation was out of your control, and animals have an amazing way of understanding things, so Max would have known you didn’t do this out of spite. I am sure he treasured all of his moments with you.


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