I Love You Max


Just found out my dog died yesterday. I cried. I loved Max, he was like my child, he was a great friend. I had to give him up because I had to move and couldn’t afford a home with a yard for him. But I loved him. I cried when I gave him up too. Cried for weeks. And cried ever so often thinking about him. Not knowing if he was happy. I knew he was well fed, had other dogs to play with. But I cried when I learnt that he and the other dogs were fighting. I visited him, often at first then I stopped visiting because I cried after every visit. I resented my parents a little because we couldn’t keep him. Then I visited him with my mother for mother’s day. His head was as big as mine. I didn’t get the excitement from him that I used to, but then again it had been months so I didn’t expect to. I did expect him to be angry with me though for not visiting in so long. But I got a most welcoming greeting, he stuck by my side and I stuck by his. He  occasionally went to his new owner. And while we didn’t play much, I stayed near him and if I left the room, he followed me. The love was still there.

When I heard he died, I cried because I failed him. I was supposed to take care of him. Instead, I gave him up and neglected to visit him. I loved him till the end and I’m not sure he knew it.

I Love You Max



One thought on “I Love You Max

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it sounds like the situation was out of your control, and animals have an amazing way of understanding things, so Max would have known you didn’t do this out of spite. I am sure he treasured all of his moments with you.


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