Komodo National Park – Here Be Dragons…

Reptiles scare me. Lizards in particular, they seem to haunt me. Given any opportunity they (in my opinion) chase and attack me.
My Chinese sign is the earth dragon. I feel that this in some way draws them to me, like they sense a distant relation or a kindred spirit.
The relationship between me and Lizards fascinates me, scares me but fascinates me. So too does the Komodo Dragon, known also as the earth dragon. My Chinese sign.
That’s why this post fascinated me. I will never dare visit Komodo island but this brought me as close as I may ever get and filled me with awe and wonder.

incidental naturalist

In 2007, a Komodo dragon killed an eight-year-old boy.  This was the first fatal attack on a human by one of the giant lizards in 33 years. “The Komodo bit him on his waist and tossed him viciously from side to side,” a national park spokesman, Heru Rudiharto, said.  “The boy died from massive bleeding half an hour later.”

This is the stuff of legends; huge reptiles capable of killing human beings, living on a remote Indonesian island. This may have been the first fatal attack for a while but it is just one of many attacks on people that have resulted in serious injury.

My childhood fascination with nature grew out of watching the behaviour of amphibians. Like many children, I learned about cycles of life by watching frog spawn become tadpoles and finally crawl out of the water on frogs’ legs. This interest naturally extended to the…

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