Does Making New Year’s Resolutions Make Sense??

Now it’s that time of yea again: New Year’s Resolutions time. Time to reflect on the past year and set goals and targets for the year ahead. Let’s be real, anyone actually kept all their resolution? Anyone usually even cares much about them after January has passed?

Well I do care about them. Why? Because my resolutions are usually goals; goals which play a part in my overall life goals.

Now in the past they haven’t all been totally realistic and I haven’t kept them in my forethought constantly throughout the year, but the last few years I tried to; that’s when I realized that they were a bit unrealistic but I did get a couple items ticked off. So I would say that I pretty much have an alright grasp on how to keep up with new year”s resolutions all year round.

So this year, like every year, people make the usual resolutions: exercise, save…..blah, blah, blah. And every year these resolutions usually matter for only about a week, maybe a month. For us Trinidadians, getting in shape for Carnival is probably the only resolution we may tick to, and that is only because Carnival is early in the year and it really motivates us when we look at the costumes we spent so much  money on to parade around for those two days.

So if you’re going to make resolutions, make them realistic, make them matter.

Share with me some of your resolutions or how you feel about the whole practice of resolutions.

Cheers!!! And Happy 2015, May you achieve all that you work towards!!!

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