Gift Exchange Panic

Today, I face a major problem. Tomorrow is my work gift exchange. Not the whole business, just my department. Trouble with this is that we did a Angel/Earthling type thing.

I’m panicking because my ‘earthling’ is difficult to shop for given the budget we are to confine ourselves to, TT$250. Now, that amount would give a decent enough gift, given that this person isn’t a close friend. BUT, he has expensive taste, and everything I could think of buying him is outside this budget.

Now I could do The Ultimate Cop Out Giftbut I’d look like the lazy, anti-social a$$hole. SO for my limited budget and for a picky, classy guy, I am just plain ole, stuck. Maybe I’ll just make a basket with Ponche de creme, black cake and cookies.

Published by Ms Abby Kay

Ms Abby Kay is the ultimate female persona. She is worldly, informed, smart, classy yet down to earth, opinionated and provocative. She isn't afraid to push the boundaries with controversial topics or opinions. Yet still she's as real as can be.

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