The Christmas Party Dress Code Conundrum

So my work is having a Christmas Dinner/Party and every one in my department decided that we would go. My problem however is the wording chosen for the dress code: ELEGANTLY CASUAL.

GRRRRRR!!! I hate hate HATE when people choose to describe the dress code in that fashion. I mean, what the hell is elegantly casual? And my problem is not so much deciphering what is appropriate for me to wear because I usually just ignore the dress code and use my good judgement with what would be appropriate given the setting and context of the event. My problem is when you have some people dressing appropriately and others, not so much.

Now this is all my opinion so you can go ahead and believe and do what you please, I’m just venting.


Two of my female co-workers said they would wear jeans. Yes you saw that correctly JEANS! now in their defense under different circumstances jeans and a nice top with great accessories would work. But this a WORK, DINNER! (more on that later)

A male co-worker also wanted to wear jeans, however his choice was much better with jeans and a blazer. But men’s dress is a whole lot easier (in my opinion)

So I pulled some pictures from Google so you could see what it would be likely that they would have worn. Granted Caribbean fashion is different so it would probably be a whole lot more stylish.

possible outfit 1 possible outfit 2 Possible outfit 3 ec 4

Now, you may be wondering why I would be against this (I hope most of you aren’t). So here it is:

This is a WORK DINNER. As in the dress should be Business Casual, but its also a Christmas party so, again in my opinion, we should be looking at COCKTAIL WEAR. Lets also keep in mind, its in the evening at a restaurant.

So here are some of my choices, again just images pulled from google.

yes 5 yes 6  yes 3 yes 2

Again these are just my views, share yours.

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